8 decoration tips to create an original wall

8 tips de decoración para crear una pared original

With an original wall decoration we can achieve Completely transform any corner of the house without having to spend a lot of money. In addition, there are a lot of alternatives within our reach, from paint to small accessories with which we can achieve a surprising result.

How to decorate the walls of your house

Surely more than once you have found yourself in the position of not knowing how to make a wall beautiful. Often, our first idea is to use paintings or prints as a decorative option, but there are many other creative options for an original wall decoration.

1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper has an undeniable charm and is perfect for dressing up a wall. Its originality and its ability to fit with any style and color scheme make it a very wise choice. They can be found in infinite designs with different finishes and textures, and are a perfect option for renovating the walls of any room in your home. Their resistance to humidity and heat makes them a durable and versatile option, even to decorate a bathroom. It can be placed on all walls or on one or two to play with the optical effects that you are most interested in creating.

2. Combine frames

Create an artistic composition on your wall by combination of paintings of various sizes. This option generates dynamism and a unique creative effect.

You can use elements like paintings, prints, photographs, your favorite clippings and even dried flowers , along with a variety of frames of different colors, sizes and shapes.

The dynamic changes when you coordinate different styles of frames, some simple and others more elaborate, giving them special prominence. In this process, there are no restrictions; Anything goes to give personality to your wall.

Another option with a lot of personality and charm is to create a small art gallery on one of the walls by hanging those paintings that you have been collecting over the years.

3. Vinyl

If you are not sure how to decorate walls, adhesives and vinyls are ideal options for making quick, economical and highly customizable decorative changes.

4. Use a rug as a tapestry

Let's forget the traditional headboard and explore a creative idea: using a rug as a headboard! Yes, you read it right. The rugs made from natural fibers They are ideal to contribute a feeling of comfort and a more relaxed style in your bedroom decoration.

You can choose between round, rectangular shapes or even with a touch of color. If you opt for a large rug, you will achieve a surprising effect. This same trick can work to decorate the wall behind the sofa.

5. Mirrors

The Mirrors They are a good decorative resource to visually expand a room and increase luminosity.

You can opt for a mirror with an eye-catching frame to make it the focal point of the wall.

Another option is leave it without a frame or surround it with a combination of paintings and slats to add a touch of elegance.

If you are looking for an even more sophisticated touch, you can Create a set with several mirrors instead of just one. This idea is very original and versatile, as it easily adapts to different decorative styles and types of rooms, whether it is the living room, a bedroom, a vanity area or a bathroom.

6. Two-tone walls

Use paint and geometric design to catch the eye and decorate a wall with color. If you want to achieve an impressive visual effect you can use masking tape to divide the wall into sections and apply different shades of paint of the same color range. The result is spectacular, and does not overload visually.

7. A vertical garden

Nowadays, one of the trends that is sweeping is to take advantage of any free space at home to add a touch of nature with flowers and plants. Vertical gardens are more popular than ever , and the best thing is that it is no longer necessary to have a terrace or outdoor space to enjoy the beauty and freshness of nature.

There are vertical pots designed specifically to hang on the wall, which allows you to decorate a wall in an original way and fill it with life. These planters can house both natural and artificial plants, so you can decorate any wall in your home in a unique and personalized way.

8. Charming tableware

A creative idea is to use plates to decorate the wall in an original way. Place the plates on the wall, some facing forward and others upside down, creating a beautiful composition, striking and harmonious.

This idea puts an innovative twist on the traditional ceramic plate collection and can have a much more special charm when used plates or platters old style.

As you can see, getting an original wall decoration is not difficult nor does it require a significant outlay, just look for inspiring ideas and take care of every detail with care.

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