7 rules that every minimalist kitchen must follow

7 reglas que toda cocina minimalista debe cumplir

Minimalist kitchens are in fashion among fans of design and organization, as they transform this part of the house into a a very cozy and practical space that allows you to make the most of every available corner.

Minimalism is an aesthetic current that seeks to simplify everything to its most basic form, highlighting the functionality of each element. In this way, an orderly and clean aesthetic is achieved, which in turn reduces the accumulation of dirt and bad odors, something very important in any kitchen.

A fundamental requirement to achieve a minimalist kitchen is Maintain a high level of order and discipline in the organization. The “less is more” approach means clearing visible spaces and keeping only the essentials, and this means that all objects and utensils must be returned to their place after use.

If you want to join this trend and forever banish chaos and disorder in your kitchen, take note of some keys to achieve perfect order in this part of the house.

1. Just enough

Having only what is really necessary is one of the fundamental principles of minimalism in the kitchen. This approach translates into simplicity and functionality. to make the space more tidy and easy to maintain. How do we put it into practice?

  • Keep only the furniture and items that are essential for your daily needs in the kitchen.
  • Avoid the accumulation of excessive furniture that can visually recharge the space.
  • It is also time to review all the accessories, utensils and gadgets cooking accumulated over the years.
  • Get rid of duplicates and articles that do not add functional value and keep only the ones that you really use regularly.

2. The colors

The colors play a crucial role in the minimalist decoration, since they help to create that clean, orderly and relaxing environment that we are looking for.

The preferred tones are usually neutral, although white is the most characteristic for minimalist kitchens. It provides light, spaciousness and a very pleasant feeling of cleanliness.

A white kitchen can convey a fresh and modern look. Grays can also be used in this type of decor to add contrast and depth. Some details in black can add a touch of sophistication.

Another common combination in minimalist kitchens is white with natural tones, such as earth or wood, which always add a touch of warmth to any space.

3. Clear countertop

Another essential aspect in a minimalist modern kitchen is keep the counter clear . This means that the work area must be free of elements that represent a visual obstacle. It is allowed to leave an object in sight, such as the coffee maker or the cutting board , but little else.

if what we are looking for is a very neat and functional appearance, Releasing the countertop should be our first goal. In addition, we will win in terms of comfort and cleanliness.

4. Out shooters

Eliminating handles is a common feature in minimalist kitchens. Instead of visible handles on furniture, systems are chosen that keep surfaces clean and without prominent visual elements.

On one hand, we have the nails that are grooves or slits made of the same material as the furniture or of some metallic material that creates a soft contrast.

Another alternative are the systems push that open when you gently press the drawer or door.

5. Internal organization

In a minimalist kitchen it is crucial to maintain a high level of organization inside the cabinets and drawers, in order to keep the surfaces clear. Therefore, it is important to make the most of the space and find a place for each object more easily. To achieve this, you can use different resources for order as organizers, separators, compartments, trays, pull-out drawers, hooks, adjustable shelves, etc.

6. Minimalist lighting

Lighting also plays an important role within minimalism. In a kitchen of this style it helps to define the aesthetics, and at the same time contributes to creating a more functional space.

In the minimalist approach, lighting is carefully chosen to maintain simplicity and create a welcoming atmosphere. For this you have to give priority to natural light with large and clear windows that allow sunlight to enter the room.

Refering to artificial lighting , what is sought are discreet and simple designs, without striking visual elements and that integrate naturally into the ceiling or furniture. The warm and soft light is preferred because it creates a very relaxing atmosphere as soon as night falls.

7. Plants and flowers

Many fans of minimalist decoration incorporate fresh and natural details in their spaces. Plants and flowers are always a good choice, even in a minimalist kitchen, as they add a touch of life and warmth without drawing attention away from the clean, sleek lines of this style.

If you are not convinced to have to take care of a collection of plants, choose dried flowers or artificial alternatives, which today are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

In short, to achieve a minimalist kitchen, the first thing is to eliminate unnecessary accessories so that the order is perfect. Afterwards, we can move on to the decorative details to achieve a more personal atmosphere.

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