5 simple tricks to put order in the bathroom

5 trucos sencillos para poner orden en el baño

Each and every area of ​​our house is important, and it is essential that they are clean and tidy so that we feel really good. But, when it comes to put order in the bathroom , This is not always easy.

We are faced with rooms that, normally, are not too large, and in which we have a large amount of things: extra toilet paper, towels, cosmetics, shaving tools, the hairdryer... Let's see some practical solutions so that everything is well placed. and thus ensure that the bathroom shows its best image.

Select before starting to organize the bathroom

One of the keys to domestic organization is to do a “cleaning” or selection of the things that we should keep and those that we no longer need.

Surely in the bathroom you have a jar of cream that has been open for a long time and that you don't use because you don't like the results, a towel that you should have already converted into cloths, or accessories and hair accessories that are out of fashion.

Therefore, before starting to organize, you have to take everything out and be exhaustive when choosing What are we going to stay with? With this alone, we are going to gain a lot of space.

Vertical storage

When it comes to learning how to organize your bathroom, vertical storage is one of the best options. The idea is Take advantage of the walls and take advantage of any corner that could be useful for storing things.

For example, you can install a coat rack behind the door and put there the family's bathrobes and shower towels that are in use at that moment. You don't need to do any installation, there are coat racks that hang directly from the top of the door.

Another alternative is the shelves or wall shelves like the ones you can find in our catalog. Small accessories with which you get two or three shelves that can come in handy to store cosmetics, neatly folded towels, and even to put some decorative elements.

We have them available in countless sizes and shapes, which will make it very easy for you to find the most suitable one.

Drawer and closet organizers

Cabinets and drawers are essential to gain space and order in the bathroom, but we don't always get the most out of them. We end up saving things randomly and thus it is impossible to find anything when we need it.

The methacrylate or fabric organizers They are perfect for storing small bottles of products, makeup or accessories in an organized way. The baskets They can be a good option to keep the dryer and irons organized, but also for toilet paper or towels. You can put the basket inside the closet and thus leave more free space to store other things, or even put it in a corner of the bathroom, because they are very attractive and also serve a decorative function.

toiletry bags

One or more toiletry bags can easily solve your bathroom tidy problems. Instead of having a drawer full of cosmetics, you can put them all in one or two toiletry bags and store these in one drawer. You will see that you have gained a lot of storage space with something that will not take you more than a couple of minutes.

Cosmetics, shaving tools, manicure items, hair clips and scrunchies... In the bathroom we keep many small products that, if we don't manage them well, end up taking up more space than they should. On the contrary, if we organize them through toiletry bags, we improve order and We increase the available storage space.


To put order in the bathroom we cannot forget the accessories. Far from taking up more space, these can become small extra spaces that help us with organization.

For example, a toothbrush holder It allows us to store both brushes and toothpaste in a very small space. If we put it on a shelf, we can have it at hand and not take up space for larger things.

The same happens with the  decorative jars , which can become a perfect storage space for hair ties or cotton pads. In our catalog we have accessories that fit different styles, from glass jars to others with metal lids, with a more modern or more vintage look.

Another good alternative is a wall soap dish . If hand soap has become a problem because you don't have enough space in the sink, there's nothing like going back to a classic solution like using a wall-mounted soap dish. A practical remedy that will give your bathroom a unique touch.

When it comes to putting order in the bathroom, it is best to start with good planning and selecting what should really be in this room. From there we can evaluate how many things we have and think about the best solution so that everything is neatly collected. If you need help decorating and organizing your bathroom, we are at your disposal.

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