15 ideas for decorating the entrance or hall of your house

decorar la entrada de tu casa

The decoration of the entrance is one of the most important, since the hall can be taken as the first contact with the home. It is your cover letter.

Currently, there are more and more options to implement them in this area of the house that it is necessary to know in order to choose the most appropriate one.

Original ideas to decorate a hall with style

Decorating the hall is much easier than you imagine if you know well what you want to convey and how you want the rest of your house to be. These ideas will make you multiply your creativity.

Bet on minimalism

Minimalism is always a good style to bet on, especially in a room that usually has a small size. Therefore, it is best choose a base color in white and provide small nuances of color through accent tones and complementary with the rest of the accessories.

Decorate with baskets

The decoration of the entrance of the house must be welcoming and pretend to make a difference. One of the trends that have stepped strong in recent seasons is that of bet on the natural and place wicker baskets both on the floor and above the console, in smaller sizes.

Use a console to delimit the space

One of the most important elements in the decoration of halls is the console. About her, you can place a good number of accessories that make your day to day easier. Bet on one with a natural finish so that it combines perfectly with the rest of your home.

Cushionsalso in the hall

If you prefer, you can make the hall one more resting space in your home. To do this, you can choose to make the environment warmer and more welcoming introducing textiles such as cushions in wicker baskets or place a piece of furniture in the form of an armchair if you have space for it.

Create a functional space

The entrance of the house should be a functional space. Thus, count on handles and hangers It should be among your priorities. It will be a good way to be able to leave bags and jackets or coats, always have them in order and grab them when leaving home without worries.

Natural coat racks to make a difference

On the other hand, if you want to give a more characteristic touch, you can continue betting on the natural and ornamental through larger coat racks, with this finish, which becomes in the differential element of the hall while fulfilling its function.

Add color with flowers

Flowers always add color accents to the home and this is why it is a great idea to place them in the hall. To do this, bet on simple and characteristic vases They also draw attention to themselves.

The dried flowers will give a different touch

If you like flowers, but their care is not your thing, you can also bet on dried flowers. Elegant and always ready, you can place them in a vase and provide that much-demanded natural air.

The candlesa good accessory

The same thing happens with candles. If you want to create a warm and well-being space from the hall, a good idea is to bet on them and place them on the console so that they are the first thing that the guests see.

The chandelier gives it a touch vintage

In this sense, the chandelier is back in fashion. Mixing the modern with the vintage, you can make the entrance of your house a more stately one through these characteristic elements.

key bowls

One of the things that cannot be missing at the entrance of your house is a place to leave the keys so as not to lose them. The natural dye bowls They are presented as one of the best options, as they will be part of the decoration.

Shelves to leave everything

In the event that you need to leave several things in the entrance of your house, but you want to keep order, choosing to place shelves in areas such as the one above the console will be a great solution.

Create a warm space with a rug

The rug is an element that is usually reserved for rooms such as the living room or dining room. However, it will also be an element that adds elegance to the hall of your house, and that can help delimit the space.

Receive your visitors with the best fragrance

The smell is very important. For this reason, placing a fragrance at the entrance of your house will be one of the best ways to welcome your guests. Place scented candles or any type of air freshener it will be a good hit.

Lamps, also for the hall

The same goes for lamps. Having a table or small size in the hall will give an elegant touch in the decoration and will lift your spirits when you arrive and see that warm touch that greets you.


As you can see, there are many ideas that you can implement in the decoration of the entrance. Think about what you need and start playing with your spaces.

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