🛋️ Timeless decoration

🛋️Decoración atemporal
¿How are you? Today we want to talk to you about timeless decoration, one that does not refer us to any specific time or space. Neutral decoration is what best defines this concept, creating environments that do not go out of style. And we love to keep up to date with all the trends, and why not, follow them, if it's within our concept, but, neutral, you know, it pulls us a lot! So here are some tips to carry it out; A neutral base is the first thing to consider. White, taupe, gray colors and all their variants on walls and furniture will be the key to favoring the timeless effect. It is like a blank canvas' with which to start decorating following a smooth and harmonious line. 2) Darker colors are also welcome. Blacks and greys, in all their variants, also fit into a timeless decoration, giving strength and character to the room. These darker colors do not go out of style either and bring a lot of personality to our decoration. 3) Simple and basic furniture in straight lines and without too much volume. This will allow us to make the decoration look balanced and harmonious, of course a beautiful display cabinet or bookcase is more than allowed but always looking for simple shapes, soft colors or straight lines. 4) Wooden floors, never fail. I don't know if you like wooden floors, there are those who prefer stoneware, for example, but for a timeless, warm and neutral decoration, wooden floors are key. They never go out of style, it combines perfectly with all types of furniture, decoration and colours. 5) Smooth textiles and soft tones Following the range of neutrals, in textiles it is preferable that even if they have shades outside of gray, taupe, white, they are rather soft, calm, smooth colors and with simple designs. With this we will achieve a decoration timeless and a comfortable and comfortable space. The sofa is also key, its choice matters a lot to create this climax. Lines not very heavy' of a rather simple design and neutral and smooth upholstery if possible. 6) Provide that original and distinctive touch Perhaps if you feel very comfortable with a whole neutral and soft range, to achieve a timeless decoration but if you still need to have some key piece that distinguishes, that is a bit the icing on the cake, place a decorative piece of design, furniture or unique and outstanding accessory. In this way, following the line, you will make a difference and you will hit the nail on the head to feel completely comfortable at home, after all, it is what we are looking for. I hope you liked it and just tell you to enjoy it big.e.

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