Tips to succeed with your Christmas table

Tips para triunfar con tu mesa de navidad


Today we come with some tips to set up your table  Christmas also following a protocol, then everyone does it as they want, but it is true that sometimes we want to do it as 10 and we don't know very well how to achieve harmony or where to start.

Also for everything to be special and magical, you have to take into account some details, take note that here are some tips. 

We already know that there are thousands of ornaments and decorative elements to make our home the most Christmassy place that can exist, but as we have been saying, we must take into account details so that our Christmas decorations together form a coherent and beautiful decoration.

As for setting up the table, we must not forget that when decorating it, it is also part of the rest of the decoration of the room. If we have a traditional decoration of reds, greens, golds, a minimalist style table will not be linked and there would be no harmony, coherence and we do not want that to happen, so we have to follow a trend, whatever it is that you like but within the same style of Christmas decoration.


Another thing to keep in mind is knowing how many diners we will have and what type of diners will be sitting at our table. We say this since it is not the same to be all adults than to have children at the table, depending on which decorations it is better to have them set aside, such as glass objects.  that can get hurt or break, or something dangerous like having lit candles on the table, in this case, if you want to give that warm touch that candles provide, we advise you to use led candles, they give that festive and homey effect but without danger to nobody..

And speaking of candles, we know that there are many scented candles that are delicious and sometimes make you want to eat them ;) but in case you decide to place real candles, we recommend that they are not scented, at least on the table, their Aroma can disturb diners and differ flavors in food from the scent of candles. 

You can place the scented candles in transit areas, at the entrance to surprise your guests, in the bathroom or in the sofa area for those who sit on it, relax with the aroma of the candle.

Another detail to take into account, the flowers…

We love them, they are divine and ideal to always decorate with them but beware! If its aroma is very strong, it can also bother, or a diner may be allergic to a flower, so to avoid greater evils, it is better to place them in another place or decorate the table with other Christmas objects.

If we want to place some natural detail on the table, we can  choose to place mini fir trees or a pine garland along the table, there are artificial ones and they are beautiful with lights and other Christmas details.

Another option that occurs to us and that you saw a lot is to place a piece of fabric in the center of the table along it, choose the fabric that best suits the type of decoration you have chosen and you will see how the result is ideal .


Always before launching to set the table with the first thing we have on hand or buy what makes us eyes, (which is very easy with the wonders there are), let's stop, analyze how we want our Christmas decoration, get inspiration and then, (we always do  and it works for us), is to make a list of the things we need and why not, another of what we want but we can do ourselves, reuse, etc.…

There are hundreds of elements to dress our Christmas table and  infinite possibilities (table linen, tableware with Christmas motifs, figurines) For this reason, it is better to first analyze what we want and how, so as not to have last-minute setbacks.. 

If you are of a more rustic style, bet on details and wooden elements, you will give it that natural touch that this material provides.

We particularly love animal figurines to decorate such as bears or reindeer, one of the most typical on these dates and how beautiful it is, we also do not like to decorate with leaves, fir trees and figures that take us to the forest , mushrooms, pineapples either natural or with a touch of brilli brilli :))

In short, as regards the decoration of our tables, which  be pretty Yes, always, but with coherence and harmony, at the same time that it is pleasant and comfortable for our diners, a place where they do not want to get up.

And last but not least, the crockery, having enough plates for all our diners is essential, so as not to have to use different ones and panic when we realize that there are not enough.

Let's have at least three plates for each diner: a deep plate, another flat plate and the last one for dessert. 

We can use different plates on purpose, taking into account the style and colors, but we must also take into account that those plates, bowls that we use, are not damaged.

We can also use under wooden, metal or natural fiber dishes, depending on the style we have, and thus we will give that original and elegant touch at the same time.

We can put a plate for the bread, in this way everyone has their portion and the plate should be placed on the left side of the glasses.

The cutlery, another detail to take into account, there are many styles, golden, with wooden handles, narrow and fine, wider, shiny or matte, etc. Choose the ones that best suit your decoration and that at the same time You can also use them on many more occasions, well, depending on the menu, in case you have to place a spoon or not, the way to place them will be from the outside to the inside, that is, in order of use. The forks should be to the left of the plates while the knives have to be placed on the right, always with the side that cuts towards the plate. If we decide to place the post spoon from the beginning, it should go on top from the plate and looking to the left. The glasses for water, red wine and white wine must also be in good condition and with time, check that they are very clean, without dust or fingerprints. You have to place them on the right side, above the knives.


As you can see, these are tips that can be very useful to us, save this email or take note so you don't forget them ;)

Now to enjoy the moment to the fullest!!!