What comes first on the Christmas tree:decorate your tree step by step

Qué se pone primero en el árbol de Navidad: decora tu árbol paso a paso

If this year you have proposed to achieve spectacular results in theChristmas decoration of your house, you already know that the tree will be the great protagonist. Let's see what goes on the Christmas tree first and what steps need to be taken to achieve a perfect result.

7 steps to decorate your Christmas tree

Comb the branches of the tree

Prior tostart with the decorations, you want to make sure the tree looks its best. A good quality faux pine should have a good number of branches because the bushier it is, the less the trunk will be visible.”.

The first thing we are going to do is comb the branches of the tree once we have them assembled. Is about arrange them so that not too much shows through .

Assembling the tree is something we usually do quickly, as we want to start decorating as soon as possible, but this can be a mistake. Because how the tree is mounted will also greatly influence its aesthetics.

The last thing we want is to invest time in the decoration and then realize that the tree is crooked and we can no longer fix it, or that some of the branches are not well combed. That's why, take a few minutes to make sure the mounting is correct and that the tree itself looks good.

place the lights

If you were wondering how the lights are put on the Christmas tree, here is the answer. It is the first thing you have to put before any decoration. Start working from the bottom and go ascending with the garland zigzag shaped from the tip of the branch to the center, and from the center to the tip of the next branch.

The plug or the battery of the garland should be as close as possible to the central trunk, so that it goes more unnoticed. Remember check that the lights work well before continuing to take steps in the decoration of the tree. In addition, when you see them illuminated you will check if any correction needs to be made.

The choice of the color of the lights is up to you, but experts recommend using only white lights. On the other hand, the trees are more elegant if we limit the color palette in the decorations to three.

Put the biggest decorations in their place

When it comes to how to decorate a Christmas tree, after the lights we are going to work with the large decorations. The typical ribbons, or those figures that stand out for their size.

if you are going to use  ribbons or tinsel , place them in a spiral from the tip of the branch towards the base, so you can cover the less leafy gaps. To place the largest decorations, uses the triangle system .

place the balls

¿How to place the balls on the Christmas tree Very simple, using the same imaginary triangle system that we have used for the larger decorations..

Focus on one part of the tree and  imagine a triangle, placing a ball in each of the corners . Do the same with another section of the tree, and so on until you finish with all the balls you have in your collection.

Find location for smaller decorations

At this stage, your Christmas tree should look great, but there will probably still be a few left. uncovered gaps . It is precisely in them where we are going to put the smallest decorations, such as the typical bells or a small image of Santa Claus.

If you are wondering what is the right amount of decorative elements, this is entirely up to you. It's not good that you go too far, but don't let the tree get too poor either. . You don't need to cover all the gaps, but make sure you don't see too much free space.

Decorate the foot of the tree

The foot of the tree is the great forgotten, and is one of the most unsightly parts of it. We recommend covering the base with a felt that hides the foot . Choose a slightly larger felt and on it you can place some wrapped boxes as if they were gifts.

You can also place in this area some christmas plants like the poinsettia, or even place the tree inside a pretty wicker basket .

place the star

We have reached the end point, the time has come to place the star that will crown the tree. Make sure that stand firm and straight. If you're having trouble getting it, you can use some fishing line or fine wire.


Now that you know what comes first on the Christmas tree, getting the decoration you've always dreamed of will cost you very little. Dedicate time and affection and surely the result is perfect. In addition, it is an ideal activity to do with the family. You want to succeed with your decoration this Christmas Remember that we put at your disposal everything you may need.r.