For Christmas, everything ready.

Para Navidad, todo a punto.


¿How are you?

Today we want to explain some things to which we give importance so that the Christmas holidays that family and friends come home, there is no lack of detail and everything is perfect for this moment.o.

(You know, perfection does not exist, we also always like to take care of all these details, but for parties we kind of put that spark of magic on it, we really understand each other) 😄

As we like to be explicit, so that it is not an extra long email, today we give you some keys and ideas for the stay, perhaps not the main one, but the first one that our guests see.

The hall.

We try to think of everything, although some things may escape us... and that is that one of the things we like the most is to feel very comfortable in our house, so we also give great importance and value to all those details to make our guests feel the same.

That warmth and well-being that it feels to be in a place you don't want to leave, because that's how we want everyone to feel at home.

First of all, as we have already talked about on some occasion, the importance of this room, the entrance to the house.

Right when we enter, both we and our guests get that first impression, the aroma, the warmth, the good vibes and what we want is to give a warm welcome.


I don't know about you, whatever the place, and just setting foot we know if we are going to lack time to run away or otherwise, Keep Calm, it looks like it's very good here hehehe.

¿it happened to you?

Well, we will explain how we have our ticket and the things we take into account so that everyone feels Keep Calm.

In our case, we have a hanger at the entrance for our guests to leave their coats, under the hall furniture, some large baskets for bags, hats, etc. We would like to have a closet so that there is more capacity, Yes, but it is not like that , each one adapts their space to their comforts,😄

On the other hand, a good Mikado air freshener, with a soft and pleasant aroma, cannot be missing, so that as soon as you enter the house, you already feel that good aroma.

Christmas decoration at this time is paramount. So in the hall furniture, at one end, we have thought of a set of lighted candles (without aroma, since we have the air freshener) for when the guests come, at the other end, some ornament next to the mikado, that shows that It is Christmas but without being burdensome since our house has the entrance with a small hall but direct to the Living-Dining room, which is already decorated with everything and more :) In the next mail we will explain how;)

We have also placed a garland on the mirror that we have resting on the furniture, without forgetting the crown that we have hung on the door.

We also like a rug in this room, made of natural fibers, which provides stability, warmth and comfort at the same time.

We must not forget to have an umbrella stand handy, in case it rains, we have a place to put those wet umbrellas, so that the bull doesn't catch us and we have to put a bucket that would spoil all the decoration. ..

Having a doormat so that our guests can clean their shoes, we can place a doormat with Christmas motifs or a nice phrase.

And well, depending on how your hall is, if you have stairs nearby because it is a duplex, you can decorate it with a nice garland, or if it is wide, place a small Christmas tree along with other decorations.

A garland of light in the hall, if this is also separated from the rest of the rooms, we think it is a good idea because in addition to decorating it is already known that

In these family meals they give us a thousand and adding that it gets dark early, it is a way of having that area illuminated as well as decorated.

And here for today,

Surely you have many ideas to decorate this main area, the entrance of the house, but you will agree with us,

The key is always in balance ;)