Ideas for decorating your home this Christmas

Ideas para la decoración de tu casa esta Navidad

Thehouse decoration at christmas It is one of the great charms of this time. create that cozy and magical atmosphere In our home it is part of the Christmas ritual and it is something that usually fills us with emotion.

It is not just about placing the tree or the nativity scene, which of course are the central elements, especially when there are children at home. It also consists of take care of the little details with all the love to create a space that inspires well-being, affection and enthusiasm. How to get ito?

9 ideas for decorating your home for Christmas

In general, we tend to recycle from one year to the next the curative objects that we use in theChristmas decoration for home. However, we can give it a new look by using everyday decorative elements, combined with some specifically for Christmas.

Some people prefer to maintain a minimalist style and others take the opportunity to recharge the house with lights, tinsel, centerpieces, trees Anything goes! Whatever your style, here are some ideas.s.

Decorate the front door

A detail for Christmas decoration at home that never fails is to hang some Christmas symbol at the entrance. It can be a star, a bell, a branch of mistletoe, some jingle bells.

An option for the most handyman is to make a green crown. A wire that is shaped is used as a base, and in which you only have to screw a branch of ivy. It can be completed with a strip of leds, and it will be perfect.

If crafts aren't your thing, you can buy a ready-made one that fits your style.

decorate the walls

When decorating the walls, try to choose motifs that are consistent with the rest of the decoration. It is best not to overcharge. For example, if we have a large painting, we can use it as a support for a garland of lights

If there is a bare wall, it can be used to place a  Advent Calendar or some garlands.

A very original idea is to place a natural branch placed horizontally, from which the socks where Santa Claus will have to leave the presents.

Stylish windows that inspire warmth

the snow in spray is no longer worn. It was a real nuisance. It is best to decorate the advantages placing beautiful compositions on the windowsill as a plant center. A pretty container with some golden pine cones, pine twigs or mistletoe and a candle. No more is needed!!

Don't miss the red

Red is the quintessential color of Christmas, so it has to be present. So that the environment is not too saturated with this tone, you can choose small elements such as stars, balls, figures…

In this way we bring joy to the decoration, but in a subtle way. It can be combined with green, gold and white, other colors with great prominence in Christmas decorations for the home.

hanging accessories

The accessories that hang from the ceiling are gaining popularity, as they provide style and originality. An interesting proposal is to use  a hanging planter and place some Christmas-inspired arrangement inside with garlands, pineapples, candles, and of course the beautiful poinsettia.

A different Christmas tree

Not every home has room for a traditional Christmas tree. A trend that has become very popular is to place branches in a vase, nailed to a piece of foam, and then decorate them with Christmas decorations for the house, such as figures, stars, leaves, fruits, hearts. It is a great alternative for smaller homes and, in addition, it is very economical..


The stairs give a lot of play, since they allow a lot of decoration options. The railing can be decorated with garlands of lights or place  candles and pots  on the steps. You can also take advantage of this space to place an Advent calendar, or the bags with gifts of the guests.

many candles

In the decoration of the house at Christmas, candles cannot be missing, which create that magical lighting that we look for at this time of year. There are never too many candles.

They can be placed incandlesticks, candle holders or glasses, as a centerpiece, or on a sideboard, in higher places such as shelves.

The recommendation is create several groups of light, mixing different shapes and finishes. We can include a candle with a sweet aroma, to create an even more pleasant atmosphere.

natural still life

Christmas has a lot of hygge, so natural elements also fit perfectly. And when the holidays are over we don't have to remove them.

To create natural still lifes we need wicker baskets of different shapes that we can fill with dried flowers that give a rustic and winter look. It can be the chosen place to place the gift packages.

 These are some ideas for decorating the house for Christmas that can inspire you. As you can see, not much is needed to give our home a touch of magic and warmth.