This is over, now what? Today's tips may interest you! Shall we put order at home for after these holidays?

Esto se acaba, ¿y ahora qué? Los tips de hoy te pueden interesar! ¿Ponemos orden en casa para después de estas fiestas?

¿how are you?

¿Fill up on parties or you still want more?

It is nothing new that at this point we are already looking forward to the end of the holidays, the intoxication of food, neulas and nougats🍫 trees, garlands and glitter🎄

We also know that there is the other Team of Christmas forever ;)

What is very clear is that the vast majority of human beings are overwhelmed by order, we want everything clear, we even become minimalists, it happens to me that, although I love Christmas, you know, I also get bloated in equal parts , so they give me the 5' (or the whole day, since this keeping has homework) and I need to see everything clean, clear and even if I move some furniture, or make some change, post-Christmas things…

¿it happened to you?

Anyway, here today we want to give you some tips to avoid falling into the overwhelm…

These are some tips to put order at home after Christmas

As we well know, there is still the Three Kings to celebrate, we do not know if you celebrate it but what we do know is that after the Three Kings, the ideal is that we return to normality as soon as possible, schedules, food, order at home and thus regain control of the house, which we know sometimes costs a little…

As we said, Christmas is days of illusion and a lot of magic, days to be with the family and enjoy reunions and thus enjoy all these moments, laughter, social gatherings and long hours of fun. But they are also days of excess food, (delicious)  but we always tend to overdo it, they are also tupperware in the fridge, pantry cupboards still with nougats and sweets, and well, besides opening all the gifts that make us so excited, but all of this, in the end, creates a little mess at home, Surely there are gifts that are yet to be stored or unpacked.. :) and well, this domestic chaos is the one that we must remedy and solve.

One of the pieces of advice that we can give you, and you surely do, is as soon as you start opening gifts, enjoy that moment of course and if there are even more children, but as soon as possible try to collect all the paper and plastic and we will place it in a place where it does not bother and prepared to later throw it in the corresponding container. We will avoid having all those packages thrown away and scattered and if they are already organized to recycle we will have it ready and controlled.

Once this hurricane of papers and wrappings has passed and Three Kings Day has passed, it is time to begin to see that yes and no, it tastes bad, but everything new has to have a place  and everything that no longer needs to be donated or disposed of will be a good job, including Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men, the invisible Friend... because we get together with many new things.

‘Everything in its place and a place for everything'

In this way we do not store and free space, so the order is more visible and lasting. It is time to see where we will place everything that has come to us on these dates, it is essential for an organized house.

Kitchen theme, okay there are days when we eat and have dinner based on what we have left over, but do not drag it out, the sooner we return to the routine of eating in a healthier way the better, also you do not want to have the pantry full of Christmas leftovers and the fridge with tuppers everywhere😄

Us  we personally  It overwhelms a lot hehe well, we already said, this is advice, everyone does what they want😉

And as for keeping everything from Christmas, well, calmly and with good lyrics, if you are one of those who loves to leave it a few more days, then great! And if not, then everything in its place..

¿AND  why calmly whye  store everything well, without haste or platoon, it is best to do it with care and thus everything is well stored, protecting the most delicate decorations, and placing the Christmas boxes in their place, everything tidy, everything calmly tastes better, not to do it quickly and then there is a burruñete left 'would be a double task 😅 If it is well placed then you forget until next year.

And the rest of the house, well, as you like, but here when we put everything away, and it's clear, it becomes strange, yes, but what a PLEASURE!!!!

The pleasure of a calm home 

We hope that  If you liked these little tips, I'm sure there are some more that you have in mind and that's great!

We wish you happy Three Kings and if you don't celebrate them, we wish you Happy days!!❤️