How to decorate the New Year's Eve and Christmas table at home

Cómo decorar la mesa de Nochevieja y de Navidad en casa

Decorating the table on New Year's Eve and Christmas is one of those tasks that we love to do with care to give that special and magical touch to two of the most beautiful moments of the year. The family gathers around the table to celebrate with good food the luck of being together.

Although the main protagonists are the delicacies and the company, the atmosphere and the decoration are also very important.

Keys to decorate the Christmas and New Year's Eve table

¿How to decorate the table on New Year's Eve The first thing is to take into account the individual tastes of each person, so that the table isé in tune with the environment of the house in general .

The ideal is to decorate the table without taking away the prominence of the food that is going to be served, and trying to that everything is practical for the diners.  If the table is very crowded, there will be no room to pass trays. If we place a magnificent centerpiece, it may prevent diners from seeing each other during the conversation. These are all things to keep in mind.

To get a beautiful table, the trick is  look for a conductive element for decoration , and choose every detail with care. The result will be harmonious, special and at the same time welcoming.


The crockery is one of the most important elements, so the ideal is  place a special , with a winter or Christmas motif, or that has an elegant touch, if you prefer to be able to use it on other special occasions.

Can't miss a shallow dish, a detail that brings great style to any table. Those made of natural fibers give a rustic look to the set and give it a lot of warmth.

the tablecloth

The tablecloth is the party dress with which the table is covered, so you have to choose well. A trick to decorate the Christmas table with great style is to buy a tablecloth taking into account the crockery and glassware that will be used. For there to be harmony they have to combine , that is, if there is a contrast, that it is pleasant, or that all the pieces have a matching tone.

When in doubt, the resource that never fails is to opt for a clear tablecloth, elegant, with some embroidery that makes it special. These tablecloths combine with everything and open the range to any type of decorative element.

Table runner or placemats

Another simple trick to decorate a table on New Year's Eve and give it a special and luxurious look is to place a table runner. It is a great alternative, if we do not have a special tablecloth, since this accessory dresses the table in a spectacular way.

The ideal is to choose a fabric with Christmas motifs or have one of the colors that serve as a common thread in our decoration. The placemats They are another very nice alternative, and we can choose from a lot of designs, shapes, colors and materials. The important thing is that the plates subtly stand out against the tablecloth.

Gold, white and crystal

A combination that never fails in the Christmas decoration of the table is gold and white, along with beautiful glassware. An elegant and delicate crockery, it is wonderfully complemented by a gold cutlery, special for big occasions, and with that aged finish that it is in trend, and that gives it a point vintage and carefree.

Additionally, you can include various cut glass goblets , and place the  napkins with a special napkin holder as a finishing touch . On this basis, it would only be necessary to add some ornamental details to complete it.

Candles, yes or noo?

To decorate the Christmas table, candles are a fantastic option, but several things must be taken into account.

On one side, place candles in tall candle holders can be uncomfortable and impractical at dinner or lunch.

On the other hand, depending on how they are arranged, they can scare us especially if it is a meeting with many diners.

The garlands of lights They are a great alternative, and can be placed in a glass jar in the center of the table, and provide a very nice and very intimate light.

Candles can be part of the centerpiece, as long as they are not too tall.  They can be lit at the end of the evening , when it's time for desserts and champagne.


The centerpiece is usually essential when decorating the table on New Year's Eve, but when choosing, you have to take into account the space. Although Christmas parties lend themselves to excess, less is more.

An idea that brings style and elegance, without overloading, is to make  a line on the table with green branches , pine, ivy, mistletoe Then all you have to do is tangle a garland of lights and intersperse some pinecones oro decorative balls, gold or silver.


¿You have already thought about how to decorate the Christmas table this year. We hope that these ideas will inspire you..