How to decorate doors for Christmas in an original way

Cómo adornar puertas para Navidad de forma original

It's time to start thinking about Christmas decorations and this year we have set out to give your home a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere from the very front door. So here are some tips and ideas for decorate doors for christmas.

How to decorate the door at Christmas: original ideas

A Christmas tree at the door

What you need is a string of lights, some clear tape, and some flat-type decorations and even some balls.

With the garland of lights create the shape of a small Christmas tree . The masking tape will help you hold the frame to the door. Remember that you have to have enough cable left over so you can plug it in. To do this, pass the cable under the door.

Once the tree is ready, it's time to decorate it. With the adhesive tape you can place the decorations, creating the effect that they are hanging from it. The result is a simple but very original design.

Christmas wreath with colored bows

Wreaths are a classic when it comes to Christmas door decorating ideas, but we want to suggest that you go a little further and create a unique design that will be the envy of all your neighbors.

Start working with a wire that you are going to give a circular shape . Then, we will cover the entire surface with colored ribbons. you can follow a  pattern using always the same fabrics in the same order , but you can also do a completely random pattern. To make it look more Christmassy, don't forget to give prominence to the green, red and gold bows.

Turn your door into a gift

Knowing how to decorate a Christmas door does not always involve a lot of work. In fact, there are original designs that will cost you very little to make a reality.

What we propose in this case is that you make your door a real gift. you just need  a couple of satin ribbons that go around the door . One from top to bottom and the other from one side to the other, as if they were the ribbons that run through a gift package. In the center, place a big bow .

Here you do not need to respect the symmetry, you can place the ribbons in a different way. For example, diagonally.

Christmas tree with CD

Decorate Christmas doors and recycle, it is also possible. If you have compact discs at home that you no longer use, you can turn them into an original decoration.

distribute them creating the shape of a Christmas tree, joining them with the help of fishing line , which is transparent and hardly noticeable. If you want, you can put a felt base on it to imitate the trunk of the tree.

At the top, you can place a star-shaped ornament, or a large bow. The only thing you have to do afterwards is to put the structure in the center of the door of your home.

Christmas wreath with toilet paper rolls

If you like Christmas, recycling, and crafts, this is the perfect option for you. You only have to save a few used toilet paper or kitchen paper rolls. What we are going to do is  paint them green inside and out , something that will be easier for you with the help of a spray, although you can also use other materials.

Next,  cut the roll into small round pieces . Flatten them a bit into a leaf-like shape and glue them together to create the circular shape of a wreath. Once you have the base, you can add other decorations, also made of cardboard.

For example, you can create leaves and combine them with a cardboard flower. The result is a unique crown in which the whole family can get involved. In addition, each year you can make a different creation.

Crown with cookie cutters

It is not difficult to find cookie cutters with Christmas shapes, you even have the typicalstar shaped mold.

The idea is to use molds of the same shape, but different sizes, creating a circle . To join them, you can use a red satin ribbon and make a  bond between piece and piece .

Santa Claus door

Another alternative is to use the structure of the door to create a nice Christmas image. We suggest Santa Claus, but it can be the Three Wise Men, a snowman or whatever you fancy.

Make a sketch of your design on paper and then transfer it in parts to cardboard or cardboard. The idea is to create pieces that, combined, make up that image you want to recreate .

There are hundreds of options to decorate doors for Christmas. With a little imagination you can create unique designs. If you want this festive season to be more special than ever this year, count on us, we have everything you need to have your home up to date.