Centerpieces for this Christmas

Centros de Mesa para esta Navidad

Centerpieces for this Christmas

One of the ways we have to impress our family and friends when they come home is to set a nice table to enjoy the Christmas holidays with them. So today we want to give you some ideas for it ;)

You can create very beautiful, striking and elegant Christmas centerpieces that are also a trend this season, both with natural elements such as pine cones, branches and also candles (you know that we adore candles and all their accessories), since They are the ideal ones for a more romantic Christmas night, warmer and with a lot of magic.

We cannot forget flowers either, they are also an option to consider, especially if you are looking for a more natural and fresh style for your table.

There are many ways to create beautiful and very Christmassy centerpieces, whether in a more Nordic style, more modern, with elegant or more rustic touches.

Christmas centerpieces with an elegant touch

An elegant center can be very simple, but those specific elements that accompany it must give off delicacy and subtlety. Christmas details with a certain shine, whether they are gold, silver or other tones such as cava or bronze, and also details in glass, balls, candlesticks and vases will be ideal in this type of Christmas centers..

If you like glitter and want to give it a plus, you can decorate with details that have glitter, there are pineapples, candles, and practically all Christmas decorations with those touches and you will give an elegant and very festive look.

The flowers will also decorate your Christmas table, if we continue with this more vibrant touch, there are flowers with very beautiful colors, from the lightest, white, silver to the warmest, orange, red, here you can choose whether to give it shine with glitter or otherwise, decorate with them naturally.

All depending on the colors you choose to decorate, since pinks are also a trend to decorate at Christmas, pale pinks can give us that elegant and modern touch when it comes to glossy finishes or a darker pink, providing warmth and a natural touch. to the environment, whatever it is, we love a touch of pink, feminine, romantic and a very combinable color.

All flowers also offer us joy and optimism with their beautiful colors.

We have seen this elegant touch with shades, above all clear and with shiny finishes, but those that are more linked to Christmas, such as the traditional reds and greens, never disappoint, they provide warmth and are colors that wrap up.

The most rustic Christmas

All natural, yes to the glitter but here the natural predominates, the imperfect, pineapples, leaves, fir, fruits, candles…

When we set up a table, even if we have in mind how we want it, when we do it, many ideas come to us, and that is the beauty of creating, decorating, Christmas.

For this style there are also countless things and details that we can use to make a rustic, warm and very natural Christmas table.

Wooden trays, where inside we can place branches, leaves, pineapples, fruits to give color, some garland of warm light and candles! The candles illuminate all our moments, remember that ;))

Natural fibers for rustic Christmas decoration are also great allies, segaras placemats, wicker napkin rings to highlight napkins, jute rope to decorate vases, rattan serving trays and endless possibilities that will give a more natural look.

To all this, we must not neglect textiles;

The tablecloth, the base of the entire table, and it is important to take into account the colors that are going to be used in the Christmas decoration and that is that what interests us is to achieve harmony between all the colors.

If patterned tablecloths or napkins are used, the decoration we put should be with softer tones and finishes, on the contrary, if we put very light, natural or smooth textiles we can enhance and contrast with all the decoration.

If yours is all natural, with a more sober style, whether with a more elegant or rustic finish with neutral, calm tones and with subtle touches that remind us that we are at Christmas, it is also a fantastic idea!

After all, you have to feel good, very comfortable in your home, and as we always say,

May your house be the place where you feel free, and your favorite place in the world!!!