Fall/Winter Collection 24

Home is where, without having to go outside, you feel free.

And true calm, tranquility and
Freedom is not outside the place where we live, but inside

We are Vico House Deco, your online decoration store

It's time to decorate your little fortress to your liking: your house

Light up your world with elegance and style

Explore our amazing collection of lighting that will bring your spaces to life in spectacular ways. Each piece is carefully selected to add a touch of magic to your home. Discover how the right light can completely transform a room.

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Customize, decorate and enjoy

"Transform your home with elegance and comfort. Explore our exquisite selection of furniture that fuses style and functionality perfectly. Each piece is designed to create spaces that tell stories. Find the furniture that reflects your essence and gives your interiors character only.
Ready to bring your design visions to life?
Discover how our furniture can turn your dreams into reality."


Vico House Deco we are not the typical online decoration store .

We seek to be, for you, much more: an inexhaustible source of ideas and a showcase full of news and inspiration . A mixed bag where
find new challenges and stimuli that motivate your most creative part. So that
Decorate your house to your style, to your taste, and how you feel and feel in each

Enter the Vico House Deco universe

With our small online decoration store, we want to help you design a
living space to your liking, consistent with your values ​​and in harmony with your personality.

Cottage or vintage decoration? Rustic or minimalist style?
Classic or contemporary house?

Whatever your style, if you are looking to give a little spark to your home with different
materials, try new shades or dare with varied prints, you are in
the right place.

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It's time to fill your life with sensations

The coffee corner

Life, like coffee, always calm. And if for tastes, flavors, for cups, styles, materials and colors.

Espresso or cappuccino? Raise your pinky while holding these vintage mugs and enjoy the exquisite combination of the bitter pleasure of coffee with the sweetness of cottage décor. And let time stop...

I want to see those cups

Small furniture, big stories

Many of the furniture in our online store are made with recycled wood that our suppliers salvage from demolished buildings. Others, we make them by hand, that's why each piece is unique. And we also work with brands that create exclusive decoration products using materials such as rope, iron or wood. They are worth seeing.

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Baskets that keep treasures

A blanket or some flowers. The cat's snack or toys, whatever you want. Basketry items are chests that store items and decorate moments.

We like to see it that way and give everything a romantic touch, although a basket, by itself, is a versatile and highly useful decorative element that elegantly dresses any space.

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